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About Craig

Craig is a World Renowned Energy Healer of Mind Body & Spirit for people, pets & horses.

He is a Reiki Master / Medical Intuitive / Psychic Surgeon & Medium. Through his guides and connection with Spirit he is able to release physical pain, emotional trauma and stress leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced. His healings are life changing and uplifting and give long lasting relief.

A gifted Medical Intuitive who has studied under Tina Zion from the USA who is an internationally acclaimed Medical Intuitive, teacher and author.
Tina had the following message for Craig. "People are waiting for you. You are ready. Believe it."

Craig is a Psychic Medium and is able to pick up what is going on in your personal life and energetic field. This ability enables him to give advice which relates to your life path specifically. The guidance is key to understanding your current physical, emotional & spiritual state and how to move forward for your greater good.

Craig is also a Medium and often gets messages from loved ones who are on the other side of the rainbow bridge. His ability to communicate with those who wish to show their Spiritual presence is comforting and reassuring.

Craig is known as the Dog & Horse whisperer with an uncanny ability to communicate with animals to find out what is troubling them, do healing and connect with them on a Spiritual level. Craig does healings in person and at a distance around the world via Video call or just a picture or name.

Craig has also studied kinesiology under Dr France Kromhoet from South Africa.

On a personal skills level Craig has done the Mind Power course by John Kehoe from Canada as well as many other motivational courses, Natural Horsemanship and animal communication courses.

A successful businessman and sportsman in various fields his greatest experience and knowledge comes from the University of Life which enables him to share his healing gifts and wisdom from an open and caring heart.

Reiki Treatment
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